About Us

Imperium Exteriors is the go to Local Austin exterior contractor. Specializing in Window, door, siding and roofing. With an array of services we can identify any problems you are having with your house and come up with a specialized solution fitted just for you. There is also no worry that you will have to contact a nether contactor to look at something we can not handle. We are the one stop shop producing nothing but extraordinary products.

About Imperium Exteriors

Imperium Exteriors was created to supply Austin homeowners with a honest, hardworking, and skilled team of craftsmen to remodel the exterior of their homes. Our owner started Imperium Exteriors after a career in window & siding distribution. Bring with him invaluable product and install knowledge. That coupled with his lifetime experience of working in construction with his contractor dad. This is the foundation that made Imperium Exteriors a premier window and siding contractor.

Our promise to every client

Our top priority is always the client's experience. We put every effort possible to ensure our clients have a stress free experience. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every project big or small every member of the team cares equally about every project.

Our product offering

For us to offer a product to our clients first it must pass our own test. For windows we take samples apart and rebuild them. To guarantee the manufacturer is doing what they say, and that we can fix any problems that might come up. For siding we mainly offer James Hardie which has been the industry leader in siding for many years. The doors we offer go through the same process windows do. We use the same products we recommend to clients in our own homes.

Our Installers

We can offer the best products and the best communication but none of that matters if our installers don't perform to the high standards we have set. Each and every installer from the window team, siding team, painters, electricians, roofers and whoever else your project might need are highly trained and qualified to do the job. Before anyone is allowed to install for us they must install on our owners house or in our showroom to prove their quality and attention to detail only then will they be allowed to work on your home.

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