Our Install defrance

Our Installers are true professionals, factory trained by each brand of windows we install. There is not a window install we can not handle whether it's a 800lb window 4 stories high, Brick, stone, siding, or stucco, we offer full turn key service. When we leave the job it will be completely done. The reason for this is our strict 13 step window install practice that is performed on each and every window.

Install Practice:
1. Tarp inside and outside of window
2. Removal of glass
3. Removal of frame using padded blocks
4. Cleaning of window jam to prep for new window
5. Setting of new window shim to level
6. Screw new window in place
7. Test operation of window
8. Foam all the way around new window installed
9. Caulk inside with color match caulking
10. Caulk or mortar outside of the window depending on siding, brick, stucco, or stone.
11. Clean windows glass and frame
12. Install screens
13. Clean all debris created from install

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